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Why Sporos?

Sporos gives projects, DAOs, and startups everything they need to form an LLC in minutes, reward contributors with tokens representing ownership and governance in the company, and manage the business with full transparency on-chain.

Low cost and complexity
Instantly deploy your LLC on-chain after completing our simple form.
Protect your contributors
An LLC gives your contributors limited personal liability and enables your company to own assets, enter into contracts, and more.
Attract and retain talent
Make it easier to recruit contributors by rewarding them with sweat equity tokens that represent ownership and governance in the LLC.
Govern your company using a 1 token = 1 vote system. The more tokens you earn, the more influence you’ll have.
Easy to start

Get started in less than 10 minutes

We guide you through the essentials and handle the rest. Fill out some quick information, and we'll instantly deploy your LLC on-chain.

Form an LLC with Sporos

Through KaliDAO, Sporos enables you to instantly create an on-chain Delaware LLC, as a “child” of the KaliCo Ricardian Series LLC. Learn more about Series LLCs and KaliDAO.
Protect your assets
Separate the personal assets and affairs of you and your contributors from the actions and liabilities of your LLC.
Tokens are earned, not bought
Your company will determine its own Sweat Equity Distribution System for how contributors will earn tokens in exchange for labor and time.
Set the rules
Your business will be managed and owned by token holders. Tokens carry financial and governance rights and are non-transferrable.
Operate off-chain
Creating an LLC enables your project to enter in contracts, own intellectual property, own real world assets, get a bank account, and more.

Tokenize contribution

Reward contributors with tokens that represent financial and governance rights in your LLC.
Reward contribution
Tokenize the value of work in a legally enforceable manner.
Equal upside for all
Everybody plays by the same set of rules. Collectively decide how and when tokens are distributed.
Create a dynamic cap table
Stop arbitrarily allocating cap table space to co-founders/contributors. Use Sporos to determine how ownership should change over time based on who’s contributing.
Robust tools for managing tokens
The Sporos app comes with a full suite of features making it easy to propose and vote on token compensation.

Grow and scale your company with Sporos

Full on-chain governance
Includes customizable settings, such as voting periods, quorum requirements, and approval thresholds. Manage your business with complete transparency.
Complete on-chain treasury management
Includes ETH, ERC-20, NFT and ERC-1155 compatibility. Whitelist assets for further customization such as ragequitting and payments.
Recruit and retain talent through shared upside
Compensate contributors with your company's sweat equity token (SET) which represent both financial and governance rights in your company.
Streamline project management
Individual contributors can propose a project, and if approved by token holders, manage a SET project budget. All on-chain.

Affordable pricing

We’ll guide you through what’s needed to set up your startup.

Delaware Series LLC

$199One-time fee

Paid in DAI or USDC

LLC formation
Issue tokens representing ownership and governance rights
Customizable governance settings
Treasury management
On-chain proposals
Flexible project management
Access the Sporos network of contributors and projects
Supported by leading web3 organizations
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