Create an LLC

Features built to scale

Start your project with confidence in minutes and scale

Whether you’re in the idea phase or already generating revenue, build with comfort knowing you and your contributors are protected.

Easy set-up and configuration
Fully customizable and scalable
Tokenize work on-chain
One-time, affordable fee
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Start your project with confidence

Instantly create a Delaware Series LLC

Get all the on-chain benefits while also being able to operate in the real world.

Simple and easy process. All we need is 5 pieces of non-identifying information.
Founders and contributors receive limited liability.
Includes LLC Operating Agreement
Company can enter into agreements, open bank accounts,own assets, and more.
Receive templates for post-formation legal needs, such as a Contributor Agreement.

Ownership and governance

Issue non-transferrable tokens representing ownership and governance in the LLC to founders and contributors.

Tokenize work in a legally enforceable way (tokenized sweat equity).
Create an equal playing field where all contributors play from the same set of rules.
Enable a dynamic cap table that changes as work is performed for the company and contributors are rewarded with tokens.
Available to U.S. and international contributors
Supported by leading web3 organizations
Kali Dao