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Don’t spend time on manual work. Let us do it for you. Streamline processes, make sure your team doesn’t miss critical steps, and deliver value faster.

Full on-chain governance with customizable settings including voting periods, quorum requirements, and approval thresholds. Govern your business with complete transparency.
Treasury Management
Full on-chain treasury support and management, including ETH, ERC-20, NFT and ERC-1155. Whitelist assets for further customization such as rage-quitting and outgoing payments.
Full on-chain voting for activities such as issuing new tokens, redeeming tokens, approving projects, and more. Manage your business with complete transparency.

Work Like a Pro. Sporos DAO gives projects everything they need to form an LLC in minutes.

Propose and approve projects on-chain.

Individual contributors can propose a project, and if approved by token holders, manage a SET project budget. All done on-chain.


As a contributor, find other projects rewarding contributors with sweat equity tokens. As a company, recruit and retain talent from within the Sporos network.


Streamline your workflows by giving the Project Manager autonomy to distribute tokens from the authorized budget to contributors performing work on the project.


Proposals include fields for Project Manager, deadline, budget (in tokens), description, and progress tracking link.

Member management

Avoid information asymmetry by having complete transparency of token ownership.
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